Esprit de Coffee | The Spirit of Coffee 

Coffee is such a delicious treat. 

And, if you're like me, enjoying a beautiful cup, in a well-curated space, enriches the soul. 

One of my daydreams is taking friends on tours of my favorite coffee shops in PDX, and I've entertained the thought of offering this service to tourists. We'd go to Water Ave., to Barista downtown, to See See. To so many bakeries, too. And we'd taste espresso, let the spaces tell us their stories and imbue their spirit upon us, and we'd search for the perfect cup. 

This love affair with coffee, coffee shops, and bakeries has led me to share anecdotes and whatever bit of wisdom with friends: go there for the iced tea (Random Order), this place costs too much for comfort (also Random Order-ha!), go there for the antlers (Barista on Alberta). And those shared scraps of experience have prompted them to coax me into writing this here blog, for you. 

So here you are: a virtual tour of all of my favorite places, and ones I've just discovered. And, to let you in on a secret: one of those friends is the very Portland Burrito Junkie (this is why, on an elemental level, we're soul mates). 

So as I explore the shops close to my heart here in PDX and out in the greater world, I'll deliver to you, hopefully, a taste of what it's like to be there, accompanied by a beautiful photo, a bit of whimsy, and a tiny escape.

Much love, 

- P 

Esprit de Coffee theme mix: https://soundcloud.com/jaschahagen/live-at-public-works-san-francisco-15917